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Welcome to VAULTED™Legends; our new, immersive loyalty program where you can earn experience points ("XP") and perks unlike any other.

Unlock grails, merch, and gear with every purchase, right from the jump. Earn more by spreading the word to help others in our community do the same.


Stack and redeem your XP for collectibles, limited edition gear, and unforgettable real-life experiences.

PNC Park VIP Trip


The National VIP Trip

Box of Cards (high)

Mystery Funko Pop!® ($400+)

Box of Cards (mid)

Mystery Funko Pop!® ($100+)

The Display Vault CE (Legends)

Vaulted Vinyl Legends Loyalty Program - Display Vault XL (Legends)

The Display Vault XL (Legends)

Vaulted Vinyl Legends Loyalty Program - Display Vault (Legends)

The Display Vault (Legends)

Vaulted Vinyl Legends Loyalty Program - Display Vault Air

The Display Vault Air

Vaulted Vinyl Legends Loyalty Program - One of One Hoodie

The 'One of One' Hoodie

Box of Cards (low)

Vaulted Vinyl Legends Loyalty Program - 4

4" V2 Protectors

Vaulted Vinyl Legends Loyalty Program - 6

6" V2 Protectors

Vaulted Vinyl Legends Loyalty Program - 2 Pack V2 Premium Funko Pop Protectors

2 Pack V2 Protectors

Vaulted Vinyl Legends Loyalty Program - The Vaulted Vinyl Legendary

The Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary

Pack of Cards

Vaulted Vinyl Legends Loyalty Program - One of One wristband

Laser Engraving

The 'One of One' Wristband


Share the personalized link in your Account dashboard by text, social and email, and watch the XP start rolling in.

Your friends get a $10 VAULTED™ gift card, and you receive 1000 XP when they make a purchase.

Vaulted Vinyl Legends Loyalty Program - Give $10 gift card, get 1000 XP


1. Sign up

+200 XP just for registering

2. Grab a VV protector or display

+10 XP for every dollar spent, and scan the QR code on the packaging to earn more!

3. Join the conversation on social

+50 XP for social share and follow

4. Celebrate your birthday

+200 XP on your birthday once you join

5. Complete a 'Random Event'

Complete a time-limited event and earn XP! Random events will appear here: Random Events Portal. We'll notify you shortly before the event goes live.

6. Get lucky

We insert XP into social posts all the time –be on the lookout!


If you're already in, and ready to redeem, get to the exchange ASAP.


Top members will have the opportunity to unlock a VIP trip to one of the most iconic pop culture conventions in the nation at NYCC.

You and your guest can get:

1. Tickets to the show

2. Roundtrip airfare from anywhere in the USA

3. Two nights in a Manhattan hotel

Will 2024 be the year you experience this legendary event on us? 

Rack up your XP, and get ready!


What is XP?

Experience Points ('XP') is the currency of VAULTED™ Legends. Earn XP by completing different actions and events.

How do I EARN XP?

You can earn XP in many ways:

  1. Purchase
    • +10 XP for every $1
  2. Referring friends
    • +1000 XP for every new customer referral
  3. Sign up
    • +200 XP just for signing up
  4. Social shares and posts
    • +50 XP for certain social shares and posts
  5. Reviewing product
    • +500 XP for revewing a product (any rating)
  6. Random events
    • Be on the lookout for limited time events to gain XP
  7. Legends XP QR Codes
    • Scan the gold QR code found on product packaging or Partner Program member protectors to redeem.

How do I refer friends?

How to refer your Crew:

  1. Open the VAULTED™ Legends rewards panel.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Find your sharable code under referrals.
  4. Share your link and put your Crew on.


  1. Friend must be a new customer in order to successfully complete a referral.
  2. A new email address (not already registered with V) will be required to complete a successful referral.
  3. Friend must enter their email and accept the referral reward ($10 Gift Card) in order to complete a successful referral, even if they do not use the referral reward for their purchase.

Is there a limiT to how much XP I can Gain?

There is no limit to how much XP you can gain.

How do I Exchange my XP for rewards?

To redeem a reward:

  1. In your VAULTED™ Legends rewards panel, click 'Ways to redeem'
  2. Click 'Redeem' for any reward that you have unlocked
  3. Once redeemed, click 'Add product to cart'
  4. This will automatically add the selected free product reward and discount to the cart for an easy checkout.

To view all rewards, visit the XP Exchange.


  1. Only one reward is allowed per order.
  2. Once you redeem a reward, it will appear under the 'Your rewards' section in your Legends rewards panel.
  3. You can save your rewards for future redemption, if you wish.

Will I be granted XP for past purchases?

XP will not be automatically granted for purchases made prior to the release of VAULTED™ Legends.


At this time, your XP does not expire.

Note, this is subject to change.

What if I need help with something else?

Email us at customerservice@vaultedcollection.comand we will be happy to assist!