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CD23 is here!

You can unlock new possibilities with free Guardians, the new industry standard in soft protectors, on qualifying purchases. You will feel the unparalleled difference of Guardians firsthand.

Plus, enjoy over a thousand dollars in free epic grail giveaways, as our way of saying thanks for being part of our community.  

Guardians for all.

Free 5 pack with every order over $75.

+$1000 in grails.

Find them located in your Collector Day Airdrops.

24 hours only.

Jul 24th 12:00AM ET - Jul 24th 11:59PM ET

Vaulted Vinyl Legends

Legends members get an even sweeter deal.

Earn XP with every purchase and receive a bonus 500XP with your first CD23 purchase. After you've placed an order, enter your order number and email address in the Random Events Portal. XP will be granted on 7/25.


When is Collector Day?

Monday, July 24th from 12:00AM ET to 11:59PM ET.

How do I receive one of the grails?

You will receive an Airdrop token (QR code) with each Vaulted Vinyl item that you purchase. Simply scan the Airdrop token with your phone to reveal and redeem your Airdrop!

Can I Receive other items in airdrops?

Yes! You are also able to find limited edition Vaulted Vinyl gear, products, and more inside your Airdrops. Learn more about Airdrops and find a full list of available Airdrops here – Airdrop Details