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The Vaulted Legendary



Unrivaled performance and elegance, meticulously crafted for discerning Collectors.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this masterpiece showcases your collection like never before. Its custom-formulated case preserves artistry, while a proprietary blend of materials ensures unrivaled durability. Enjoy maximum clarity with the hardened microlayer, protecting every vibrant detail. Shield your collection from harmful UV rays and effortlessly access it with collector-grade magnets. Seamlessly integrate with your Vaulted display system for a visually stunning presentation. Elevate your collecting journey with sophistication and exclusivity—let your cherished collection shine in legendary style.

Key Features:
  • Custom-formulated polycarbonate material (30X stronger than acrylic) for maximum durability
  • Hardened microlayer delivers greater scratch resistance and maximum clarity
  • UV resistance formula provides increased protection from harmful rays
  • Collector-grade magnets for perfect balance of lid security and access
  • Functional design stacks easily and seamlessly integrates across all Vaulted Vaults
  • Compatible stacking feature also integrates with Funko POP stack offers 
  • Microfiber cloth for final polishing included

Customer Reviews

Based on 467 reviews
Steve Adiletto (Bensalem, US)
The Best!

Vaulted are the best protectors out there! We use them for all our best signed Funkos. I wouldn't use anything else.

ProjectGonzo (Spring, US)
Great quality, and elite experience

I heard great comments about these protectors, but I had never actually ordered any. Now, I can see what is all the noise about. From the packaging and opening experience, this definitely seems like an elite product. I like the fact that these are less bulky than other hard protectors out there and fit better on my bookshelves. I only wished these were priced a bit lower or that we had discounts more often


I was truly shocked and impressed by the quality and detail of this. I figured it would be sturdy but it’s so well made! Absolutely a must have for any funko pop collectors

FunkoCollector007 (Marietta, US)
Legendary Protection

The Vaulted Legendary is a must have for every collector's high end Funko Pop grails. Provides unequaled protection and you know your grail is always safe and protected. The UV protection is a great addition for the sun.
Highly recommend.

Jason Mandish (Stow, US)

These soft pop protectors are great. I have replaced all my previous protectors with these and will continue to only buy these. Shipping is fast and items are packaged extremely well. Cannot say enough positive things about these. Great investment for any collector.