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The Vaulted Guardian


The best of both worlds.

Remarkable durability and refined aesthetic in another revolutionary protector.

Meet the Guardian - the world's strongest and most beautiful foldable 'soft' protector. Crafted with a refined aesthetic and boasting an industry-leading 0.7mm wall thickness, our PET plastic delivers the tactile feeling and performance of a hard protector, all at a fraction of the cost. This UV-resistant PET formula provides increased protection and personifies class while showcasing your Funko POP!® collection through crystal clear, scratch-resistant material. A flat interlocking top makes it easy to stack and display, making it the perfect choice for any environment. Witness a whole new level of soft protector excellence as we redefine the game once again.

Key Features:
  • Industry-leading 0.7mm wall thickness for exceptional durability
  • Tactile feeling and performance of a hard protector, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Refined design aesthetic in an eco-friendly PET plastic
  • UV-resistant PET formula provides increased protection
  • Crystal clear, scratch-resistant material beautifully showcases your Funko POP!®
  • Flat interlocking top for effortless stacking and display
  • Fits standard sized Funko Pops; Dimensions: 6.375in x 4.75in x 3.75in

Customer Reviews

Based on 174 reviews
Mista CJ (Glen Mills, US)
THE BEST in affordable Pop! protection. Period.

These protectors are incredible, the absolute best 'soft' protectors on the market. Soft is a relative term, these are super thick and durable, very clear, and the best you can go with if not going hard acrylic.

Brett (Los Angeles, US)
The Vaulted Guardian POP! Protectors

These are the absolute best! If you’re looking for something that isn’t to thick like the hard plastic protectors, but isn’t flimsy and cheap like the ones you commonly see from other vendors these are the ones! Quality over quantity! These are for those who really care about protecting their collection/investments! 5 star product! Also, Vaulted always hooks it up with some kind of discount too! You get what you pay for! Quality!

OKC POPS (Edmond, US)

Was shocked! Been using V2 for years! But these are amazing especially to take on hunt on vacation and will stay safe!!

Ryan Branscum (Festus, US)
Amazing Protection!

These are by far my new go to “soft” protectors. I have used just about every protector under the sun and these beat all of them. The price is a little high but the protection and how nice they stack makes up for it. I would be more worried about the wall than the pop if I threw a pop in one of these at the wall. Will buy again.

Victor Lasse (San Antonio, US)

Best protectors out there!